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Welcome to the official Features, Benefits & Information (FBI) process website.

The concept of the FBI process was conceived and designed in the UK in 1987. It creates the ability for sales organizations to target not just companies to sell to, but also target the individuals within these companies. This does not appear to be particularly revolutionary, but, when it finds the reason to buy as well, the Unique Buying Reasons, then it becomes probably the most successful method of Business Generation ever used.

The concept is simple. Why people buy, or rather, why are people prepared to pay for a product or service? They do it for many reasons, which are both peculiar, personal and specific to each individual. If you can find those reasons, you can sell. The age old concept of Features and Benefits is not new. It is taught on the first hour of the first day of the first sales training most people attend. Everyone knows people buy benefits. But.........how do you know a benefit is going to be a benefit and therefore the reason people are willing to buy?

Creating new business had always been the "difficult" part for most sales- and marketing people, with mailshots for example, normally realizing a 1% - 3% response. Using the FBI Process however, hundreds of sales people have enjoyed an incredible 60% - 70% response! This makes Marketing easy and highly cost effective, and creates a very high Return On Investment.

FBI process is easy to understand and utilize. A practical hands-on one day training course shows how to operate the FBI process. It's a low investment which can produce a highly significant return in increased sales and profit.

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